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Sandown - "The Home of Horsepower". It's one of those emotional places. A real "if only these curbs could talk" type of circuit. Every November, the VHRR showcases the best of historic race cars from all over the country at one of Australia's most revered race tracks. 

Walk through the paddocks, talk to the drivers and literally feel the history. Go back to where it all began and relive the Golden Days of Motorsport!

What to expect at Historic Sandown


Historic Racing

Historic Sandown features over 400 historic race cars across 11 different categories at one of Australia's most revered race circuits. 

A true historic race event if ever there was one. Race cars spanning the 60s, 70s, 80s abd 90s are plentiful over the weekend!


Car Clubs

The action doesn't stop trackside with over 500 spectacular show cars from clubs all over Victoria for all to see.


Bring The Kids

Be immersed in the Winton Festival of Speed and camp on the grounds!



There is nothing quite like the excitement of being around these magnificent racing machines at the Winton Festival of Speed. Be amazed by the electric atmosphere and the increible access to cars and drivers and a large range of incredible spectator points.

See what it's all about!

Historic racing at its finest!

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