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Being a member of the VHRR has its benefits. 

And you don't need a car to be a member.

VHRR Membership

Becoming a member of the VHRR doesn't mean you need to have a historic race car or drive one. We welcome anyone interested in historic motorsport to come along and join us and attend our race and general meetings.

All drivers and custodians of historic race vehicles who take part in VHRR events are all members first and foremost. Membership simply allows you to either enter an event of just be part of the club.

The club caters for people interested in cars from the early 1920s through to the racing and sports cars of the 1990s and even more recent vehicles, with our three major annual race meetings regularly attracting over 500 competitors and tens of thousands of spectators.

Benefits Of Membership

Benefits of Membership

There are many advantages to being a VHRR member. 

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