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The Ford Capri in Australia, Celebrating 55 years for the Mk.1 & 35 Years for the Convertible.

Updated: Feb 17

Ford Australia released the ‘European’ Ford Capri here in Australia in May, 1969. Initially with a 1600cc ‘crossflow’ Kent 4-cylinder engine, it was quickly followed up with the ‘Essex’ 3000cc V6 engine.

From 1969 through to late 1972, Ford sold a total of 14,638 Capri’s consisting of 6,965 Deluxe 1600-1V models, 2,217 1600-2V GT models, 3,014 3000-2V GT models and 2,442 1600-2V XL models.

These Australian assembled Capri’s are now very collectible ‘classic’ cars in our marketplace. Sadly, Australia did not continue with the Capri after 1972, thus we missed out on the Mk.2 and Mk.3 Hatchback Capri’s, though many have now found their way to Australia as personal imports.


However, the Capri wasn’t finished just yet, as Ford Australia commenced building a Ford Capri Convertible, in 1989. Released in October 1989, these Convertibles were based on Mazda mechanicals and aimed directly at the US market. They featured a 1600cc OHC engine, some with turbochargers, and were front-wheel drive!


Covering 4 different model types, the Capri Convertible was built at Ford’s Broadmeadows plant in Victoria in both RHD and LHD, for the US market. In all, a total of 66,640 Capri Convertibles were built, with over 56,000 being LHD and exported to the USA. The last Convertible built was on May 19, 1994, and so ended the Capri story in Australia.

The 2024 Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport will take place on March 8-10th at the famed Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Tickets at the gate. Patrons under 17 years of age are free to enter if accompanied by an adult.

Visit the event page here.

Author: Terry Walsh: Life Member, Capri Car Club Inc.



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