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Formula 5000 Trans-Tasman Trophy Race coming to the Classic!

Updated: Feb 16

On Sunday March 10th 2024, the Phillip Island Classic Festival of Speed will host a special one-off Trans-Tasman F5000 Trophy Race pitting Australian and New Zealand drivers against one another on track in a spectacular and thunderous race for the ages.

Whilst F5000 will run with Q&R across the weekend, the VHRR has allocated a special time allotment on Sunday for an exclusive F5000 race, with more than twenty cars already entered. This special and unique race is shaping up to be one of the biggest F5000 races in Australia since their 70's hay day.

Formula 5000 Phillip Island Classic

VHRR regular Bryan Sala will lead the Aussie charge in his immaculate Matich A50/51 F5000. This car, powered by a homegrown Aussie Repco 5.0 litre V8, was driven and built by Frank Matich winning its first-ever race in the 1971 "Australian Grand Prix" held at Warwick Farm.

Matich A50/51 F5000

Coming second that day was none other than the now illustrious Kevin Bartlett in a McLaren M10B powered by a Chevy 5.0 Litre V8 of which several versions of this car from New Zealand will be racing across the weekend.

McLaren M10B

Of particular interest will be the M10B Formula 5000 of Toby Annabel, in which the legendary Bruce McLaren had significant personal input with the vehicle racing and hill climbs in the UK and also the the McLaren M10B-400-18S raced by Frank Karl in South Africa and UK. 

The 2024 Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport will take place on March 8-10th at the famed Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Tickets at the gate. Patrons under 17 years of age are free to enter if accompanied by an adult.

Visit the event page here.

Author: Trent Collett / Graeme McLean


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